Together we achieve the extraordinary!

Our secondary environment fosters quality education through collaboration among teachers, students, and parents. We create a safe space for students to ask life's big questions without judgment, encouraging them to deepen their faith and explore how to live a Christ-centered life in everyday situations.

Our well-equipped Chaplaincy program offers various opportunities for student involvement, such as Bible studies, Storm-Co trips, and Chapel programs. Our dedicated teachers go above and beyond, supporting our students' spiritual growth by participating in events outside school hours.

Our College has a unique Christ-centered culture that is evident in all we do. Working with our students from this perspective is a privilege, and we believe it enhances the quality of education we provide.

We offer tangible experiences for secondary students to live out these principles in their daily lives. Through Storm-Co trips and community engagement, we provide formal avenues for service. However, we believe that a service-oriented worldview enables students to make an impact anywhere, anytime, and in countless ways.

We strive to instill in our young people a passion for service and a willingness to go the extra mile. These values will benefit them in life and shape their future endeavors.

Quality Learning

Our teaching team values quality education. We believe in continuous learning for both staff and students. Our dedicated teachers are lifelong learners, which positively impacts the quality of education they deliver. We use technology to enhance learning and streamline the process. Smaller class sizes enable us to support students more effectively.


Reporting plays a vital role in fostering school/family partnerships for student learning. Semester reports are given twice a year, along with other communication methods to convey student achievements and commitment to learning. An interim report is provided at the end of Term 1, while informal feedback occurs regularly throughout the year. Parent/Teacher Interviews are encouraged to discuss the formal report.


In Years 7 & 8, students explore various subjects to meet Australian Curriculum requirements. In Years 9 & 10, they start selecting more specific areas of interest. In senior secondary, the focus shifts towards attaining a Queensland Certificate of Education, ATAR, and specific University-Vocational pathways.


Our classroom environment utilises advanced technology, including digital textbooks, cloud-based collaboration, and a 1:1 Laptop Program.