“I love having free time to do fun activities.”
— Shiki - Year 6

Agent - TAKEOFF Gold Coast

I am Tomoko INUKAI, director of TAKEOFF Gold Coast and we are an agent group located on the Gold Coast to provide Japanese students and families the upmost fulfilling experience here in Australia. We have been proudly working with Gold Coast Christian College (GCCC) since 2018, and we mainly take Primary and High School students to GCCC.


Our students are all assigned a 'buddy' from their class for the whole duration of their stay to help with their transition into an Australian school. Japanese students often find it difficult to understand and communicate in English, and their buddies are always willing to help them with great care and politeness.

Teachers from Gold Coast Christian College provide each tour group with increased support and ensure our international students have a positive learning experience. Japanese is taught at GCCC and our international students from Japan have an opportunity to play an active role in Japanese classes, making it a true and meaningful exchange program.

Japanese students are privileged to receive such a high level of ESL at this school. Japanese students can experience a true Australian style class and in the ESL class, a curriculum suitable for each student's English ability is prepared for international students to improve their English skills.

Partnering with Gold Coast Christian College, we have developed a great relationship. This helps us to face new challenges and difficulties within each tour group. Accepting a study tour takes a lot of preparation and time and GCCC’s International Department staff are always arranging such joyous and engaging programs for our international students. The Coordinator works closely with the staff of TAKEOFF Gold Coast to provide students with the best experiences during their stay.

We are so proud and grateful to be able to implement a fulfilling program that is not one-sided, but mutually beneficial for both the international students and the local students at Gold Coast Christian College.

Tomoko Inukai, Takeoff Gold Coast.