Full Immersion Program Year 3 to Year 8

The Music Immersion Program provides students with the opportunity to learn a string, brass or woodwind instrument. Students in Years 3 to Year 7 can elect to study a string instrument in small group classes and students in Years 4 to Year 8 can elect to study a brass or woodwind instrument of their choice, also in small group classes.

Students can choose to participate in weekly rehearsals for our Concert Bands and String Ensembles. These rehearsals prepare students for performances in various school events, encourages teamwork, develops proficiency of their chosen instrument and creates a social activity promoting stage experience. And most of all, to just have fun!

Compulsory Music Immersion Program

It is compulsory for all Year 3 students to study violin for one year and for all Year 5 students to study either a brass or woodwind instrument for one year.

Immersion instruments, books and tuition are supplied to the students free of charge.

There is a bond payable of $100 for each instrument issued.

Please consider becoming part of this wonderful and expanding music program at our College. For more information please email Debbie Hinton -


Private Tuition

Gold Coast Christian College has the services of highly skilled private music teachers who offer private music lessons during school hours.

Musical instruments on offer for private tuition are:

Vocal (Modern & Classical)

Drums & Percussion

Piano (Modern & Classical)


Guitar (Modern & Classical)


Bass Guitar




Violin (Modern & Classical)


Viola (Modern & Classical)

Theory of Music

‘Cello (Modern & Classical)



Music Exams

Students have an option to sit for Music Examinations each year. The examinations are held by the Australian Music Examinations Board (A.M.E.B.) and the students can achieve a Grade Level each year. Credit points for the Queensland Certificate of Education can also be achieved from Grade 4 and upwards.

Tuition Books for Sale

The College has Practical Tuition and Theory of Music books, guitar tuners and drum practice pads, available for purchase at the Administration Office. Please phone 07 5593 4571.

Enrolment forms are available at the Administration Office, or online by request -

Our private tuition music teachers are:

Piano - Mrs Debbie Hinton

Mrs Debbie Hinton heads the external music program. Mrs Debbie Hinton has been a professional teacher of piano, keyboard and Theory of music since 1979. She holds an Associate Teaching diploma (Music) from Trinity College of London and is a professional member of the Music Teacher's Association. Debbie offers tuition in piano from Prep to Diploma level in either Classical or Modern syllabus and tuition in the Theory of Music - all grades.

Guitar - Mr Russel Hinton

Russell Hinton has been performing live music and teaching guitar for over 40 years. He has toured Australia with well known Australian band "Bullamakanka" and has performed for Queen Elizabeth at the opening of the Stockman's Hall of Fame. Russell has been a member of several other well known bands and still performs live to this day. He is much in demand as a studio musician and runs his own successful recording studio. As a professional musician, he is able to impart to his students the technical side of music as well as the live performance elements.

Drums - Mr Paul McCarlie

“Kits for Kids” is a drum kit refurbishment project that was initiated by Mr Paul McCarlie, our drum and percussion teacher, established in September 2019. It is a community based project that provides drum kits to children interested in the art of drumming but do not have access to a drum kit at home. The equipment is donated by musicians and friends that have disused drums in their homes. Fundraisers on Facebook where monies raised is used to purchase whatever is required to bring a drum kit to completion. All funds raised and equipment donated goes directly into the project. The generosity of local musicians who donate equipment and money to this cause is to be commended.

The drums are loaned free until families are able to buy a drum kit for their child to continue their drum studies. The drum kits are then returned for maintenance and cleaned ready to be loaned out to the next student. 

Kits for Kids currently has four drum kits in homes of families with children learning to play the drums. 

Wind - Ms Amelia Swift

Amelia graduated from Gold Coast’s Emmanuel College and went on to be accepted into the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, where she studied under clarinettists of the Queensland Symphony Orchestra. Amelia was accepted as a clarinettist at the university and went on to further her studies of saxophone and flute in her time there also. Her most enjoyable music experiences have been playing in musical theatre and in ensemble settings at the university.

Violin - Mr Paul Robinson

Mr Paul Robinson has been a violin, fiddle & 'cello teacher for over 30 years and has won a Golden Fiddle Award in Tamworth for the best fiddle teacher in Australia. He plays in several bands including the Leaping Lizards Bush band and the Round Mountain Girls. All of Mr Robinson’s students that enrolled for an Australian Music Examiners Board exam last year received an “A” accreditation. He also conducts the school String Ensemble which will soon become the school orchestra.

Vocals - Mrs Ann Sparks

Ann Sparks, A.Mus.A., Dip. Mus., Grad. Dip Mus., Estill Master Teacher, Estill Certified Course Instructor. Ann has been teaching singing for 30 years, and has also performed in many Operas, Oratorios, and Musical Theatre productions. Ann teaches every style of singing: Classical, Pop, Theatre Music, and Jazz, using the Estill Method, and enjoys preparing students for exams and for other performances.