Year 9/10 Drama Excursion


Written by Deborah Mailman and Wesley Enoch, The 7 Stages of Grieving follows the journey of an Aboriginal woman, describing stories and experiences of grief and reconciliation.

As the students intently watched the performance, they were reminded of the Indigenous peoples’ will to survive and the role of Indigenous Australians as storytellers.

The 7 Stages of Grieving began with the room being in complete darkness. The actor then came on stage and made a circle while chanting in her native tongue. When the stage lights began to come on, we begin to notice a very simple set: a pile of dirt in the middle of the circle. Throughout the performance, the dirt and the circles become very symbolic to the overall story. The dirt symbolised the foundation of Indigenous Australians and ultimately where they came from and what the land of Australia means to them. The circles symbolised the lineage of their culture, the strength of the women and togetherness. The dirt and circles soon became not just the symbol but also the focus and foundation of the performance. Experiences such as the Stolen Generations were brought to life with the performance ending with Kevin Rudd’s apology to the Indigenous Australians.

The performance was enjoyed by all students and each student took away performance skills that they can bring into their class performances and script writing. These skills include: breaking the fourth wall, the use of symbolism and the theatre form of Episode. We look forward to our next performance excursion.

(Story by Miss Jones)