Thank you for choosing GCCC

Choosing your child’s school is a big decision for any family. The team at Gold Coast Christian College want to thank you for entrusting us with your precious children each day and we want to highlight just a few of the reasons why we think you’ve made an outstanding choice.


In a 2017 study by the Barna Group, researchers found that while safety was a top priority for parents when choosing a school, quality teaching staff came in a solid second. In particular, parents want a school where teachers really care about their students.[1]

The teachers at Gold Coast Christian College are second to none. Across the school we have staff who have achieved significant academic achievements through their studies, have won innovation awards for teaching practice and are leaders in their field of specialization. Above all of those accolades, however, is the fact we have teachers who genuinely care about their students. There are many, many untold stories across the school of staff going above and beyond to care for their students. This might mean providing after school tutoring or making a phone call home to check everything is okay or even occasionally providing lunch for students who need it. Teachers also care for the spiritual needs of our student population with prayer and words of encouragement a regular feature in the classroom. The benefits of having strong teacher-student relationships cannot be underestimated.[2]

(By the way, if safety is your number one concern, small schools have been proven to be safer places for students as well![3])


Research has shown there are significant advantages to attending a smaller school. These include raised student achievement, a stronger sense of community and a positive school climate.[4] We certainly experience all of those positives at GCCC! Due to the relatively small size of our school, our students are able to access support tailored to their individual needs and circumstances. Our 2018 NAPLAN results indicated that we are experiencing some of the highest rates of growth in the state. We’ve even had some of the bigger schools in our area wanting to know our secret! The truth is, the secret is in the strong sense of community, quality teaching and learning and the advantages that come from being a smaller school. In addition, it’s much harder to ‘fly under the radar’ in a smaller school. This means that additional intervention is implemented in a timely manner for maximum student benefit.


Academics aside, Gold Coast Christian College provides many opportunities for students to serve, make connections and be part of a strong Christian community. From running fundraising events for our sponsor children in Cambodia to the annual service trip to Texas, QLD, students across the school are encouraged to consider how they might make a positive impact in their family, the school and the world. Students often have a stronger sense of belonging in a smaller community, have a higher sense of well-being and have fewer behaviour problems.

There are also greater opportunities for students to develop leadership skills as small school have higher rates of participation. There are more opportunities to participate per capita at a small school. Many students who develop outstanding leadership skills at GCCC may simply have not had the opportunity to do so if they were at a larger school.

Gold Coast Christian College might be one of the smaller Christian schools on the Gold Coast but we believe that we are a hidden gem with a lot to offer. Quality Christian teaching, enhanced learning opportunities and individual learning support, along with a strong sense of belonging, is a recipe for success and we look forward to continuing the learning journey with your family over the coming year.

For an interesting look at the research behind small schools, go to