iSpy Students are Razzled!

Year 5/6 iSpy had the opportunity to design and build a scarecrow in their last week of Term 2. Students divided into 5 groups and worked together to build their scarecrow, named 'Razzle'. The competition is being run by the Ekka (Royal Queensland Show), with the theme being 'Good as New'. There were plenty of recycled materials being used including: old mops, t-shirts, shoes, hats, and pants. The structure for the scarecrows was made with old bed frames. Along with the old, there were lots of colours being used with paint glitter popular features. Our Principal, Mr Lawson had a difficult decision to make in choosing the winner. Congratulations to the Year 6 girls who will have their creation feature at the Ekka School Scarecrow Competition in August.

All the best to our hardworking and inventive scarecrow crafting iSpy students, and thank you to Scarlett-Rose for her help in writing this news article.