Student Leadership


Gold Coast Christian College nurtures leadership potential in all students across K-12. Opportunities are provided for students to develop leadership skills through group work, public speaking and extra-curricular activities. Additionally, secondary and primary captains are elected by students and staff each year, along with house captains and flag bearer. The Student Leaders for 2017 are as follows:

Secondary College Captain:

Ethan Maki-Neste

Secondary College Vice Captains:

Emily Hills-New

Secondary House Captains:

Bates: Tehana Stevens

Andrews: Samuel Shaw, Jessica May

Primary College Captains:

Matthew Runnalls & Charlotte Wickham

Primary House Captains:

Bates: Jaida Seymour, Cooper Fieldhouse

Andrews: Idara Eweka-Esiet, William Ferris

College Flag Bearer: Lucas Irwin