Vision, Mission & Values Statement


Our Vision is to provide Christian education which develops creative and confident young people who are Christ-centred, service-oriented, innovative learners. We envisage our young people striving for excellence in all they do, having the courage to act on their beliefs and embracing lifelong learning.


The mission of Gold Coast Christian College is to promote a redemptive relationship between each student and Jesus Christ and facilitate a partnership with parents to enhance spiritual, academic, social, physical and vocational growth.


Our Vision is to foster and promote an acceptance of Jesus Christ as our personal Saviour, a commitment to a consistent Christian lifestyle, a desire to serve God and others and an appreciation of Christian worship and spiritual fellowship.


Our Vision is to nurture and encourage a genuine compassion for the needs of others, a sense of rightness and fair play and responsible citizenship within the community. We encourage individuals to recognise their responsibility to develop their talents as God-given gifts to be used in leadership and service for others.


Our Vision is to inspire a commitment to excellence through diligent effort and a desire to become a lifelong learner. We strive to develop in students the ability to think logically, critically and creatively and an appreciation of knowledge and truth in harmony with the Bible.